Based: Rwanda

Rwandan singer / Songwriter Teta Diana was born in Kenya, Nairobi. She returns to Rwanda after the genocide of 1994 against the Tutsi. She blends her native language Kinyarwanda with English and Kiswahili, and her songs are inspired by Rwandan history and today’s society.

Traditional music is closely tied to the Rwandan identity. Teta’s music is a fusion of folk, jazz and Afro-pop. She has performed at various cultural events in Rwanda and abroad; Têtes-a-tête music festival 2020; Next Einstein Forum 2015; Kigali-Up music festival 2015; FESPAM 2013 to name a few.

In 2013, Teta joins the Art for Peace Association that aimed at creating a safe space for Rwandan youth to speak about their experience, reflect on Rwandan history and forge a sense of belonging in the renewed Rwanda in a creative and celebratory way. This program succeeds to reach various young people in all 30 districts of Rwanda. Art for Peace gave birth to the now known “Ndi Umunyarwanda initiative”.

Teta’s talent was initially discovered during “igitaramo,” a cultural night that was hosted every Friday by Hotel Des Milles Collines in Kigali. She then continued to perform in different cultural events around the world (USA, Mexico, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Senegal, Kenya, DRC, Rwanda…)

In 2014, Teta toured her country as one among top ten singers in Rwanda and a year later, she receives the Young Rwandan Achiever Award from the first lady Mme Jeanette Kagame, for using her music as a cultural education tool locally and in the diaspora.

In September 2016, she participates in the Music Action Lab residency that took place in San Fransisco, a project she confirms to have been one of the most inspiring through her journey after meeting and collaborating with musicians that had come from across the globe to create social impact music, and to nurture the next generation of musical changemakers.

Teta released her debut album in 2019 titled Iwanyu meaning “Home,” which explores the concept of belonging. She now continues to collaborate with musicians from all different cultural backgrounds, intending to create space for cultural exchange. “Music is a language that crosses borders and speaks to the soul.” – Teta Diana.