Based: Johannesburg

Singer and Crossover Violinist Cristina Rodrigues presents STARLIGHT – A spectacular show of lights. From sparkles to fire, to scrolling your company name. Why not enchant your guests when they enter your venue? Perhaps use it as an opening surprise or while they’re enjoying dinner? STARLIGHT is the only dress of its kind in the country – unique, beautiful, glamourous and a sure ice-breaker.

Some interesting STARLIGHT facts for the techno enthusiast:

* Starlight consists of more than 400 R(red) G(green) B(blue) addressable LED’s
* Tt is powered up and controlled wirelessly – a tremendous feat
* It lights up for up to an hour
*  and for the real achievement…  it is completely time-codable! This means Cristina can program her dress in sync to her music.

STARLIGHT is an evolving concept. Soon Cristina will be lighting up collaborations with ballerinas and other acts, red carpets, dance floors, corporate furniture and much more.