Based: Cape Town

Jouba Jordaan
Founder member of Kaleidoscope, Songwriter (music and lyric), guitar, voice, percussion, mouthpiece.
At Stellenbosch University, where he studied BSc Wingerd and Oenology, he first saw in the hostel for the first time (in living bodies) people playing guitar. What a revelation! At the end of the first year he will work at a ski resort in Oregon, USA and buy him a guitar with his savings. After hanging his rugby boots in Stellenbosch in his third year, he enjoys it for a more cultural solo and begins to walk more in the unknown but beautiful musical forest. What a journey it has been so far …
After Jouba sang for a while among girls’ houses with 3 friends in the singing group 4 Oaks, he and one of the members decided to continue their passion for music by starting Kaleidoscope in August 2006 and their Release first album leafling in 2007. At the same time, Kaleidoscope was moved aside to pay off student debt and made Jouba in 2008 for a year of wine in Australia …
Anique Jordaan
Vote, keyboard.
At 11, Anique exchanged her ballet classes for singing lessons. (Wise choice since a leotard is not required for singing.) In addition, she also takes piano lessons for 11 years and passed the UNISA gr.7 exams. After school she sang 3 years for Stellenbosch University Choir while studying BSc Human Life Sciences and also fulfills the role of sergeant for her Metanoia residence that won the national sevens competition in 2007. Anique received the promotion of “fan” and guest artist for Kaleidoscope in 2007 to band member in 2009. She is singing and following her full-time 2010 of her dream and passion through Kaleidoscope.

Begin 2009, Jouba will resume his passion for music and closer to Anique as Kaleidoscope’s lead singer. He then thanked his assistant winemakers to pay full-time attention to Kaleidoscope’s future. For the writing of their music, Jouba’s inspiration comes from beautiful relationships, people and situations … as good and good comes from God – as well as inspiration.
November 2009, Kaleidoscope takes on their second album with Ben Ludik as producer at Sunset recording Studio and an acoustic folk pop popup is released February 2010! After 2 years, Vars Uitkekerf looks at the light – also with Ben Ludik as a manufacturer but with a more “elecrtonic pop” attack without losing the characteristic warm acoustic feeling of Kaleidoscope.
With these two albums, Kaleidoscope South Africa performs full-time from 2010 and performs on occasion with, among others, Dance Dance Lisa; Photo to Dance (O and B Potch) and Chris Chameleon (Woordfees) as well as at theaters such as:
The Boer, Potter’s Place; Dorp Street Theater; Boerestroos Theater; Encore Theater, Barkly Street Theater, Little Libertas Theater, Cachet Kleinteater, At The Braak Theater, Old Masters, Kalahari Theater, George Arts Theater and Basement Theater.