Based: Cape Town

The Jimm Harisson Project is a top quality cover band with a strong original twist.

The act started off as a long term experiment combining several musical influences into an exciting collaboration, and was founded when Jimm Harisson was awarded a recording contract from BrightIdeasStudio. Their first album was recorded in December 2014 and was finished early 2016. Jimm always emphasises perfection when it comes to his music and pays extreme attention to detail when it comes to his performance.

Jimm started his album promotion with a faceless campaign where only music was used to promote the album launch. Jimm incorporates golden oldies, modern contemporary and chart topping music into his unique repertoire. Louisa Steyn from Tygerburger writes “there is always something different to his shows”, so not only will his music take you on a majestical journey, Jimm’s shows are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jimm has been in the finals of the Quay Four battle of the bands, finalist in the Barleycorn Songwriters Competition and also part of many festivals such as Darling Wildflower, Mykonos festival and Unplugged 62. He has also performed with names like Herman Kleinhans, Gerry Liberty, Gian Groen, Stone Jets, Van Coke Kartel, Steve Hofmeyer and Chris Chameleon to name a few.  Jimm has sold 2600 copies of Chapter One in 3 months and is currently working on the second chapter.