Based: Johannesburg

Jacques Lagesse is a popular crooner with more than 30 years’ performance experience, covering a variety of beautiful ballads, Latin and Jazz Standards, and fun renditions of popular songs.  His velvet-lined voice, accompanied by the mellow tones of the acoustic and jazz guitars, is complemented by his classic dress sense, and a stage personality not unlike that of Sinatra in his heyday.

Born from Mauritian stock, Jacques has a strong flair for Latin rhythms and has included many Bossa Nova and Samba tunes in his expansive repertoire, which also includes popular brands of laid-back Jazz standards and evergreen Romantic ballads, plus a cabaret set (performed to backing tracks) featuring music from the Big Band Swing era. Jacques has a passion for the music of yesteryear, which he regularly records in his own studio together with some original songs.

An international highlight was a performance contract in Dubai where he played to a cosmopolitan audience at some of the major hotels.  Performing at upmarket corporate functions around the South Africa with his full complement of music and PA equipment, Jacques also has the ability to perform without any power source.  He has a wireless microphone system for his voice and guitar, which enables him to easily roam around a large room if required, whilst maintaining an “unplugged” feel. Appropriate background music, including dance material, can be played between sets. Minimal setup space is required.