Based:  Johannesburg

he young and charismatic Lillian Million, better known as Lilly Million has been captivating audiences across Johannesburg with her soulful organic folk vibe.  The singer songwriter has managed to produce a sound that’s uniquely unlike anything SA has ever seen, stirring great excitement among the lonely hearts of SA’s music enthusiasts.

Born on 26 October 1989, the 23 year old has one of the most strikingly deep-felt voices that craft melodies into raw, quivering dialogues of persuasion.  Lilly started singing at an early age but never pursued it due to a robust interest in performing poetry.  At the age of 15 her poetry recitals could be witnessed around the urban areas of Johannesburg.

After giving up on learning piano at the age of 12; Million pursued another instrument and self-taught herself some guitar mechanics.  From then on, live performances became regular in and around Johannesburg at various sessions and corporate functions, including but limited to Yebo Studios, Market Theatre Lab, Constitution Hill, Cool Runnings, Mofolo Park, Kospotong, Drill Hall, as well as the Vaal and Bloemfontein.

Million has embraced stages with the likes of Lebo Mashile, Thandiswa Mazwai and The Brother Moves On at the Mofolo park music festival in December 2010.  She also performed as a vocalist alongside rapper Mawe2 and is featured on the song “Gloria” on his latest album titled Dreamworld.

After an unplanned performance at The Bohemian in Melville, Million caught the attention of Electromode. After a year-long development deal with Electromode an agreement was signed in 2011 and 2012 has seen the release of Lilly’s labour of love with her debut album.

But Lilly is more than a well-carried voice.  She has also done a few TV appearances as a Live Performer for Shiz Niz and S.A.B.C Africa; worked as writer, singer and actress in a theatre production called 21 Poets and a Poem which ran at the Joburg theatre in April 2011 and will soon be directing the filmed version.

Lilly then went on to obtain a BA degree in motion picture from AFDA where she majored in Directing and screenwriting. Her 12 minute graduation project “Lindela: Place of Waiting” screened at cinema Nouveux and won Best Film, Best Director, Best screenplay and Film Critic award – a first, for a black female at the institution.