Based: Johannesburg

Zikhona Sodlaka is a passionate and driven individual who is motivated by breaking new grounds. She is a triple thread expressionist. Who is a living testament to the combination of hard work and raw talent. She exudes elegance and

grace in every facet of her life.

Born in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, she and grew up in KwaZulu Natal. She attended school at Excelsior SSS and left in grade 9. She then attended the remainder of her schooling at Warriors rust high school in Margate. Her tertiary education was undergone at Shepstone College where she studied Business Admin.

She played a tomboy character (named Zukiswa) a lead role and one of the main story lines of the show. This role wonher many hearts and secured her the love of millions of South Africans as her audience.

In 2007 Zikhona’s career boomed when her recognition grew beyond the borders of South Africa.
TSHA TSHA Season 4 received an EMMY nomination for the Best Foreign Drama.

It was in the same year when she landed one of the leading roles on the soccer drama SHOOTING STARS 1, 2 and 3 on ETV. As part of this role she could explore and showcase her singing ability. Zikhona is a very respectable singer and per- former and this role introduced her talent to her audience as she played the local musician Ayanda Tau.

In 2008 she portrayed the psychotic character of Lady Mac- beth (Ava), this became one of her most respected works, with the show receiving 5 SAFTA Golden Horn nominations, including Best Ensemble Cast and Best Drama for SABC 1 Shakespeare dramas ENTABENI, which is a Macbeth adaptation. In addition to that, she featured in the ever popular drama A PLACE CALLED HOME playing a hobo (Palesa) the leader of a gang on which was broadcast on SABC 1. This show tooreceived SAFTA Golden Horn nominations. Zikhona’s versa- tility got her the leading role in the a leading drama MON- TANA on SABC 1. In 2012 Season 2 followed with 52 epi- sodes and still repeats to date. Zikhona played a young lady striving to make her mark in the ever-evolving and once racially segregated South Africa.

She also featured in the SAFTA winning drama series Soul City 10 on SABC 1 telling the story of a woman (Noluthan- do) battling with alcoholism and getting infected with HIV/AIDS. Zikhona is recognized as an influential young woman in her industry and in this country and was labelled face of drama by the SABC.

She is no stranger to the big screen either. She has starred in the South African produced movie JURY DIVIDED that isan adaptation of the Hollywood movie “12 Angry Men”. MR BOB, a French feature. She also contributed creatively on the now famous independent movie the PUZZLE, in which she also stars alongside a few of the country’s best.

In 2011/2012 she joined the cast of RHYTHM CITY a Soapy on ETV, a multi SAFTA nominee and winner, since its run. Rhythm City is one of the most watched shows on prime

time television. Here Zikhona came and had the country on a standstill, playing a no nonsence cop Suarez Baloyi.

The show spreads through a minimum of 4 countries in Africa, making Zikhona Sodlaka is a household name in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. Same year Zikhona featured in a new hit series INTERSEXIONS, which has won multiple SAFTA golden horns including Best Drama series.

Now done filming the Hollywood production “MANDELA/ THE LONG WALK TO FREEDOM” a movie about the life of the great Nelson Mandela, (following him intimately from child- hood all the way until he reigned as president). She plays Mandela’s mother (Nosekeni) working alongside big interna- tional names such as Idris Elba (who plays Mandela). It was inevitable that the world will be singing her praises.

She also starred in, SKEEM, a feature film that boasts an all star cast, directed and created by the legendary Tim Greene. SKEEM did very well at international film festivals including the the ABU DAHBI film festival receiving the Audi- ence Choice Award.

Ms. Sodlaka is definitely one of South Africa’s respectable actresses; famous for her diversity in the characters she plays. She is very passionate about challenging the audi- ence and telling authentic stories the best way she knows how. Zikhona was invited to join the cast of Muvhango in 2013 for a few months, one of South Africa’s most popular multi-lin- gual prime time Soapies. Its massive following has earned it 15 seasons (and counting) as well as a multitude of South African Film and Television Awards and other accolades. She stole everyone’s heart with this role, playing the inspirational role of a woman who battled cancer.

In 2013-2014 Ms Sodlaka was invited to join the cast of thee biggest Soapy in Africa, Generations. Generations was the most watches show is SA for 20 years in a row. Keeping to her commitment to the charecters she plays, (Priska) was unmissa- ble. She was the woman you love to hate. Without a doubt Zikhona’s screen presence is unquestionable and undoubted. This 1.75m tall (5′ 9″) actress/former model is ever willing to participate in charitable work and is pioneering her very own foundation (Zikhona Sodlaka Foundation).

She hosts/MCs a number of different types of events and fund raisers as well, whilst also having entrepreneurial aspirations. This multi-talented actress who studied Business Finance and Administration is a writer as well. With plans to venture into music there is no doubt that the world is her playground.

Miss Sodlaka is a SAFTA nominee for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (After 9).

She is the current host of a talent reality show “TOP ACTOR SA” a BET production, making her international footprintthat much more a statement. TOP ACTOR season 2 is going continental, TOP ACTOR AFRICA still hosted by Zikhona Sodlaka and the league of Hollywood stars she will host this year VARY FROM Gabriella Union and more. BET is currently playing Top Actor season 1.

She also stars in the feature film THINA SOBABILI on cinema currently. This film she says has her heart. Its a story about the choices that a small family made that they continue to be haunted by. Thina Sobabili won Audience Choice Award in LA, NY, DIFF and JOZI film festival.

Zikhona strives to empower and grow the arts.
She is destined for greatness and continues to fulfill her motto ‘ To create the legacy, we were born to live’