Based:  Cape Town

The demure 22-year-old Twala Ngambi was discovered at an open-mic day at the Kfm studios over two years ago where she caught the attention of station executives with her professionalism and fresh approach to broadcasting. This UCT campus radio presenter showed incredible talent and was immediately asked to work as a regular stand-in for the station. Twala, who is currently in her third year at UCT studying Architecture, describes the discipline as the perfect combination of art and academics; the two key interests in her life. Twala’s talents are endless but all have one thing in common; creativity. When she’s not studying or in the studio, she is designing African-inspired fashion for the urban woman. Kfm recently announced their decision to appoint her as the new lunchtime host on Kfm weekdays from 12 – 3pm and she couldn’t be more thrilled. Having admired radio-personalities such as Anele Mdoda, Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp and Ryan O’Connor over the years, Twala is thrilled about the opportunity to live out her dream. “My 10 year plan has come early and I’m ecstatic. I definitely now need to re-work my dream board!” comments Twala. She hopes to infuse pop culture and fun into the lunchtime slot and says she is looking forward to “making a whole lot of new friends”. Read more about this incredible lady below as she answers our Spice4Life questionnaire.



A normal day in my life is hard to describe as every day is different. I’m up at 7am and start my day with meditation then it’s off to the gym or I go for a jog depending on what day it is, followed by morning meetings, castings and I get to the Kfm studios at 11am to do some show prep. I’m on air between 12-3pm, followed by a debriefing session. What I love most about my field of interest are the people. I have the opportunity to work with and learn from a host of different characters, not just my office colleagues but the everyday people that I have the privilege of interacting with. Everyone has something to teach you.

Some of the defining moments in my career have been :

  • Dressing the top 12 Miss ISA pageant finalists in The house of Twala
  • Having the spring/summer house of Twala collection show cased on nation TV during “Africa week “.
  • Being an on air jock at one if the biggest radio stations in the country (Kfm) before hitting 21 and then hosting a prime time Lunch show at just 22-years-old.


My family is everything to me. They have always supported me, inspired me, entertained me and kept me grounded. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

My hobbies and extra mural activities include drawing/painting, sewing, tennis, stand up paddle boarding, touch rugby and building amazing Lego structures. It is important for me that my personal time includes time with my family and opportunities to serve, both in my community and my church.


I am inspired by everything around me. The world is a beautiful place and it’s important to take the time out to see the beauty in everything.

The male role model who I believe inspires others in my field of interest is Ryan Seacrest.


My personal message to the world is so what you love.

Mentorship is important to me because I am where I am today because people not only believed in me but also took the time to share their wisdom and experience with me. We should always be working on finding ways and opportunities to give back wherever and whenever we can. I believe support/giving back to the community is important because “I’m blessed to be a blessing”.


If you were to visit my city, I would personally recommend that you take a bus, it doesn’t matter where you’re going, nothing says Cape Town like its people. Some of my most memorable moments and my dearest friends have come from my bus trips. You get a true feel for the city as you get to meet a variety of people and truly experience the variety and diversity that is Cape Town.


The secret to my success is that there’s no magic potion and it takes good old fashioned hard work. My dad once said, “Don’t be fooled my dear, success is never an accident. You either set yourself up for it or you don’t.” You can have anything if you’re willing to work for it.