Based : Rwanda

Among the many hats he wears, Nkusi says working as an emcee has been an interesting journey for him.

Starting from just hosting school events to now doing corporate/high-end events is something he says he always feels proud of.

“In this field of hosting events, you normally find people put in categories.  In my journey, I have passed through every category, from emceeing on advertisement tracks on roadshows, to big concerts, hosting dinners and corporate events. I find all this as a big achievement, I can say now my brand has grown to being trusted with all kinds of audiences,’ Nkusi says.

He notes that his best moments are always with big concerts, because then he gets to use all his talents since the limits are few.

The worst moments, however, have been when he hosts an event that is not well organised, and he ends up being the event organiser. “And such events end up paying late.” (laughs)

He recalls hosting an award ceremony where the organisers had not prepared the awards. They had brought them at the venue one hour after the event had started and had forgotten to put them in the right category and order. He had to stop the show for a few hours.

Nkusi believes that his artistic skill spice up his performance as an emcee.

“I use all my talents when emceeing. I have done theatre for about 15 years now and being an artist has given me an upper hand when it comes to audience management. I also organise events, so I tend to give help to the organisers with ideas on having a great event.”

He also considers that being a public figure helps sometimes, because he doesn’t have to spend much time familiarising himself to the audience.

“Another thing is that I have done all sorts of emceeing so any event is safe with me.”