Based: UK

He’s the nice guy next door; your buddy; older brother and office friend. Damon Beard is all this and so much more to his loyal fans. You can tell by listening to him that this seasoned radio presenter is just a great guy – his warm, honest personality and great sense of humour comes through loud and clear when he’s onair with The Drive With Damon.


His genuine care  reflects in The Big Favour which, over the years, has seen Damon help hundreds of east coasters, making their dreams come true and lighting up their lives in different ways.


Damon is also a real go-getter and an adrenalin-junkie who doesn’t let anything hold him back. In fact, he conquered his fear of heights and went on to earn his private pilot’s license! It’s this fearless energy that spills over into The Drive with Damon.


During his days on campus, Damon studied Journalism and Psychology and then travelled the world for three years. He started his radio career with East Coast Radio in 1991, presenting a two minute travel feature on a Sunday morning. From there his career grew wings with Damon now heading up his team one of the station’s flagship shows – The Drive with Damon.