Based: Johannesburg

Every once in a while a music act comes along that is truly unique  and refreshing in the product that it delivers – The  acoustic duo Rocketeers is one such act and has become synonymous with exellence in easy listening and background acoustic music since forming in 2010.

It’s the unusual but highly effective marriage of acoustic guitar,  upright double bass,  silky smooth vocals and “made on the fly”percussion loops that as well as being  visually interesting, creates the Rocketeers sound which can be  described as classy, relaxing and unobtrusive yet still lively and upbeat with a general “foot tapping” vibe.

The Two Rocketeers
On acoustic guitar and vocals is talented and acclaimed guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Douglas Bean.  A highly experienced musician, Douglas has worked extensively over the years with artists such as Tamara Dey and Wendy Oldfield and  was a longstanding member of S.A supergroup Henry Ate

Completing the duo on upright double bass and vocals is Wits university  graduate Lionel Naidoo.  A young and super talented jazz trained musician, Lionel is a magnetic performer with an infectious enthusiasm and love for his craft.