Based: Johannesburg

Fusing classical instruments with contemporary music, The Muses are a sensational Electric String Quartet based in Johannesburg with a love and passion for entertaining.

Bringing style to any performance or event with their breath-taking stage presence and high energy shows, The Muses are sure to string you along on a cloud of sophistication. They have performed at many high profile events including The Guess Summer 2012 Fashion Show and the launch of the Mercedes CLS, the Gelanderwågen and the Freightliner launches in Namibia as well as recently performing in the Seychelles.

The Muses are Violinists Olivia and Mia, Violist Ruby and Cellist Anna, all of whom embody Muses in both their musical prowess and their stylish image. In Greek Mythology the Muses were the goddesses who inspired the creation of literature and the arts and together they played, sang and danced while inspiring others to do the same.

On stage, The Muses give an electrifying performance of exciting numbers and current Pop hits including Party Rock, Fireworks and Rolling in the Deep