Based: Cape Town

Based in the Cape, Mandi is a qualified sound engineer and electronic music producer. He studied his craft at Cape Audio College and has been perfecting it since he graduated.

His sound is described as a mixture of Kwaito; House; Afro-Beats and expressive vocals. This all has an undertone of electronic synths. While Mandi’s vocals are often described as soulful, he has no issues with getting an aggressive tone when needed.

Mandi performs under the alias Digital Sangoma when he is working with other vocalists, rappers and MC’s.

The Digital Sangoma is a side project that focuses primarily on African Beats. To this end, you will hear Afrobeats, SA House Music and Hip Hop in the Digital Sangoma works.

In other words, the aim of the project is to showcase local EDM on a global stage. Mandi and the guys he works with are telling a truly African and South African story. These stories are told through dance music

An integral part of the storytelling process is the use of Afrobeat production. This allows for a way to blend the traditional and modern sounds of Africa.

The Digital Sangoma uses the newest high tech gear to re-create and perform traditionally influenced sounds. This is achieved through the use of African beats combined with Electronic Dance Music.

Thus, this project offers a uniquely diverse array of new and exciting sound