Based: Cape Town

MATHEW GOLDs smooth and dreamy voice has been riding high on the South African airwaves over the past few years through a number of powerful hit collaborations. Blessed with an innate talent for entertaining, MATHEW couldnt refute the pull he felt towards music as a young boy, especially having grown up in a musical family.

His father bought his brother a drum kit when MATHEW was 12, and the soon bug bit him; they both ended up playing the drums in the high school band. Soon his father also showed him the basics of guitar and piano and he started taking his guitar to school everyday. With his friends as his audience, his vocals and confidence also received ample amount of practice. 

After completing school, MATHEW enrolled at the Waterfront Theatre School, where his talents for music and theatre became even more evident. What followed was a top 12 place in season five of South African Idols, a TV presenter role for SABC hit TV magazine show, Hectic Nine-9, and the lead role in a major commercial. 

Releasing his first album as MATHEW GOLD in 2013 entitled ‘The Rush’, MATHEW featured the whos who of producers in South Africa including Crazy White Boy, Justin Denobrega (Die Antwoord), AKA, Mr Sakitumi, Pascal & Pierce, David Jones and GoodLuck.  Creating music that spans over multiple genres and which appeals to diverse audiences, soon became a trademark of MATHEW GOLDs offerings.

Today, MATHEW is no stranger to the limelight. In 2011 he had a SAMA nominated Record Of The Yearwith Goodluck for their smash hit Taking It Easy. Since then he has had countless other #1 hits and collaborations: No Ordinary Guyft AKA in 2013 which also received a SAMA nomination for Record Of The Year, Where Are You Goingft The Kiffness in 2014, When We Were Youngft Break D Law in 2016 and more recently his own offering Burnand Dockside Dayswith ZYO. Adding to his long list of collaborations, are also other names such as HouseHold Funk, Strange Loving, Locnville, Sketchy Bongo, Chad Laurence, Bread D Law, Shen FM, Marc Ronin, Carli J Meyers and  Appolo.

His second, self-titled album followed in 2017, and now MATHEW has a new offering on its way: An album for which he decided on a variety feast of music with the aim of organically creating new music for people to enjoy at different times for different reasons. The album consists of three categories: Breakfast, Lunch & Deep House.

Breakfastfeatures a lot of acoustic guitar combined with Jazz inspired songs. With Lunch, MATHEW approached the recording process completely differently; with his band he wrote and performed the songs for months before going into studio. Sharing his life experiences with friends whilst making music of the stories is also the part of the new album which inspired him to go back to writing and performing again. For the Deep Housepart of the project, MATHEW teamed up with producer Marc Ronin. No newcomer when it comes to the electronic dance space, MATHEW decided it was only fair to give the people what they want with the third and final part of his new album.

Breakfast, Lunch & Deep Houseis set for release in the near future.