Leadership . Strategy
Based: Johannesburg

Tendai is an award winning board level Pan African corporate strategist; researcher and international public speaker. She is the Author of the widely used Pan African Living Standard tool widely used by the top Multinationals. The LSM tool won her the PAMRO annual Top achiever award for furthering the aims of research and development in Africa.

She is also Chief Inspirer for GIBS Faculty Lecturer, CEO Research Bureau International and Integra Africa, Public Speaker.

Tendai is the quintessential Pan Africanist and global citizen. Zambian born of Malawian and Zimbabwean parents, she started school in Nigeria and has lived all over the world in places like Thailand, Malawi and the UK.

She brings to the table fresh global thought leadership with a firmly African root, delivered with masterful charm and expertise. She is a rare professional with a thorough understanding of the African continent as she has spent most of her time over the last 22 years working across Africa. She believes that the talent within organisations can unlock Sub-Saharan Africa’s potential if addressed properly. Tendai has run some really effective internal brand engagement projects across the continent. She put this to the test in her own business in Zimbabwe where she won Zimbabwean entrepreneur of the Year back in 2001.

Tendai advises the African Development bank in Tunisia and is currently the Senior adviser for the Newly formed African media initiative on behalf of the World bank, BBC world Service Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She also runs an annual development project called the African Media Leaders Forum.

Tendai holds a Masters in Strategic Management with the University of Derby, UK and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree.

Tendai has 20 years experience in Pan-African Market Research and strategy. She was the CEO of Research International Zimbabwe, which is part of the WPP group. She earned the awards of Entrepreneur of the year for Zimbabwe and Marketer of the year from the Institute of Management.

In January 2005, she took up the post of Pan Africa Director for Research International World Wide based in Johannesburg and then transferred to a sister WPP company Enterprise IG (now Brand Union) as Strategy Director for Africa and Middle East in October 2006. In the same year she was awarded the PAMRO achiever of the year for furthering the development of research in Africa. In 2008 Tendai started her own Pan African integrated strategy, change and branding company Integra Africa offering strategic solutions with Africa at heart.