Based: Pretoria

TJ Malamule inspires employees and businesses to be rock stars, Peak performers in any economic climate. He is passionate about turning ordinary employees into amazing company brands. As a dynamic speaker who also speaks on sales and customer service, TJ draws from his 6 years’ experience as a sales executive and shares his top notch sales strategies and lessons to his clients. As a result, his clients become inspired, fired up and motivated to perform, sell and close deals like rock stars. His amazing sense of humour dovetailed with his extraordinary ability to tell stories in his presentations keeps audiences on the edge of their seats and they keep looking for more from him. He is a Superstar MC who creates memories at events. He presented his exciting and inspiring Keynote talks to Companies such as FNB, MEGA, Old Mutual, Coghsta Limpopo, Salga, Tsogo Sun group to name but a few.

“Hilarious boost to your Bottom line”- Khatu Rambau, CEO, NYDA.

He is dubbed as a great and dynamic speaker by Kgosientso Ramokgopa (Executive Mayor of Tshwane) and some clients call him Mr. Supercharge because of his energetic and relevant presentations. Mr Mashao, CEO of Masho consulting, described him this way, “If you haven’t heard Mr. Supercharge speak, you haven’t heard a great speaker. TJ Introduced the Cream of the Crop of business thought leaders to Government Ministers that includes Ms Faith Muthambie (Minister of communications South Africa), Ms Nomvula Mkonyane (Minister of water affairs SA) & Charles Siros -Chairman Imperial Bank Canada, Telesystems International and Enablis.

“It is clean, energetic “humour-with- a – message” at its funniest! TJ is just the best – Minister of communications, Faith Muthambie.

He is a founder and director of Rihanyo Holdings which has interests in Brand communication, Training & skills development. His business Methodologies are not read on text books but from his day to day running of 3 enterprises that includes TJ Talks international, Pine Apple brand concepts & Rihanyo Holdings.   His experience in the corporate world gave him business understanding and his entrepreneurial ventures gifted him with wisdom to connect and inspire. His message is as relevant to a lady cleaning the streets as to an executive at the Stock Exchange, providing them both with the motivation to achieve more.   He is the first & only speaker in Africa to launch his own sneaker range.

TJ Malamule is a frequent guest on TV stations that includes: SABC 1 (Mzanzi Insider & Chat Room) Good morning Africa (with 200 million viewers), Dumisa TV, Tshwane TV and Soweto TV, Sun Rise (e TV). TJ has been a guest to inspire millions of listeners on Thobela FM, Munghana Lonene FM, Radio 2000(SABC), Metro FM, NW FM, Radio Pulpit and Tshwane FM. His weekly slot on Capricorn FM is named after his book called “supercharge your destiny” every Sunday where he inspires millions of listeners in Limpopo & Mpumalanga.   He currently has a feature on Capricorn FM Every Monday & his TV Show called supercharge with TJ Malamule is coming soon to your screens . TJ runs a foundation called TJ Talks Foundation where he gives his time and resources to give back into rural communities and inspires thousands of families. He is dedicated to educating, inspiring & influencing the world to take their destiny in their own hands


Rock star performance- Traits of becoming a Rock- star Employee

Every organisation or company’s desire is to have in their fold exceptional employees who bring forth outstanding results when it matters the most. TJ calls these employees rock stars of performance. Why rock stars of performance? The term rock star emanates from the entertainment industry; it refers to individual outstanding performers who are always achieving excellent and admirable results in their craft. When ROCK STAR performance becomes the order of the day in any company, business or organisation, revenue skyrockets, morale goes higher than ever, excellence becomes a norm, obstacles to performance get bulldozed, and relevance in the market in terms of outstanding results will always prevail over the competitors’. There is a rock star within any employee in companies or organisations, the question is how can employees find the rock star in them and how can they bring it out to manifest in the form of rock star performance?

This keynote will help your employees become rock stars of performance in your business, company, team or organisation. TJ shares outstanding traits your employees must embrace to reach top the performance peak in your company, team or organisation. After attending this outstanding keynote, delegates will leave feeling energized, inspired, fired up and roaring to perform at their optimum level.

At the end of the talk delegates will be able to:

  • Take Initiative – Learn how to be a fire starter instead of being a bench warmer
  • Have integrity – How to build integrity on your way to the top
  • Result orientated – Learn how to be productive
  • Proper communications skills – You will learn how to communicate at a higher level
  • Adaptability –Learn to adapt to changes at work & technology
  • Manage challenges – Use your challenges to reach your Bottom line goals
  • Passionate – How to do your Job like a rock star
  • Appreciate – Way to make every day at work a memorable day
  • Work as a Team

Sell like a Rock Star

There is a rock star in any field. This is the outstanding individual who is always the best from the rest. The results he or she achieves are so exceptional and extraordinary. Think of the late Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Usain Bolt, Beyoncé, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Rock stars in their own fields break records, they set new trends, they break new grounds and they achieve the impossible. Your sales people can be rock stars who break sales records and that is exactly what you desire and need right now in this economic climate. Closing deals is a dream of every sales person, it makes businesses grow exponentially, it creates an atmosphere of survival during the stormy weather in the life of a business and it turns a struggling business into a great force to be reckoned with in the industry it operates in. The success of any business lies in the ability of a sales person to sell like a rock star and close deals like there is no tomorrow. When there are no sales, there is no business at all.

The question is how can a sales person sell and close deals like a rock star? In this inspiring and exciting program, TJ uses his six year experience as an executive sales person to show your sales people how they can sell like a rock star and close deals as if their names were written on the front door. He will share top notch sales strategies that will inspire, fire up and motivate your sales people to break sales records in your business or company. TJ employed these top notch strategies as a sales executive and he excellently sealed great deals.

At the end of the talk, delegates will be able to:

  • Exude the traits of successful sales people
  • Sell like rock stars and close deals exceptionally well
  • Break sales records and make success flow like a river after a heavy rainfall in your business or company
  • Embrace the winning attitude towards sales that says, “I will never be satisfied until I have closed the number of deals I have never closed before.”
  • Become trendsetters and ground breakers in sales
  • Be action oriented and goal driven in their pursuit of selling and closing deals like a rock star
  • Embrace and implement top notch sales strategies to seal amazing deals

Knock out customer care

It is an indisputable fact that no business or company can exist and succeed without loyal customers. In fact, business cannot be and will never be business without customers. The lifeblood of any business or company is its customers hence you cannot be in business without them. People whom we call customers are psychological beings who need to be touched somewhere in their psychological make-up to connect to your business and adore it so dearly. The main focus of your people should be more on understanding and skilfully touching their psychological make-up in order to create a pleasant customer experience than anything else. When customers have pleasant experience in your business, they will become loyal and the sales will skyrocket. Pleasant customer service creates an atmosphere for customer retention to prevail. However, customer retention is the most difficult thing to achieve in any business.

TJ in his exciting keynote talk shares inspiring strategies that will motivate and inspire your people to excel in creating pleasant customer experience and in retaining customers. This exciting keynote talk is exactly what your people need to enhance a customer experience and fix customer problems without a hassle. In this vibrant and inspirational keynote talk your people will find out why:

  • Exceptional customer service is even more critical in a connected world
  • How every customer touch point matters
  • The secrete online tool that will give your people instant access to your unhappy customer and circumvent instant posts to the world while protecting your brand
  • Discover how to save thousands of dollars in market research, customer surveys and focus groups
  • Understand why you must have guidelines

Word on the street

“He is relevant, Powerful with great sense of humour; we will defiantly book him again” – Charles Siros -Chairman Imperial Bank Canada, Telesystems International and Enablis

“Wow, and that’s all I can say,” Marinda van der Walt (Marketing Manager, Old Mutual, Northern Region)

“TJ is just so inspirational; he is energetic and his facilitation style keeps you interested and involved. As a bonus, he is genuinely funny.” Motlalepula Thupudi (Branch Manager NYDA)

“A leader in the true sense. His speech kept us on our toes: a true reflection of how Africa should be,” Dr Maureen Tong (Thabo Mbeki Leadership Institute)