Based: Johannesburg

Gerry Elsdon is most famously known for her role as a presenter on M-Net and judge on the first Big Brother Africa reality show. However, she is also actively working with organisations both at home and overseas to change the plight of our children, people living with tuberculosis and health and wellness. In addition to Gerry’s role as a TV personality, she is an international humanitarian, activist and outspoken voice on issues of women’s empowerment, community regeneration, wellbeing and its impact on women and children in Africa.

Tough Gerry is a TV personality we have not seen much of her on our TV screens in the past years. She is a national TB Ambassador and made her biggest television impressions as the co-host of South Africa’s first Big Brother reality series and as a continuity presenter for M-Net.

In previous years Gerry had returned to our screens as a host and executive producer with South Africa’s satellite news network, ANN7, but left to set a new career course. She has undertaken international speaking engagements at the invitation of the UN, UNAID, UNCTAD, The World Health Organisation and the IFRC on behalf of the South African people and Global Communities.

She speaks openly about the issues that plague our communities and addresses the humanitarian challenges that we must overcome head-on. She delivers her ambitions with a motivational and inspirational voice of someone who is unafraid to work toward positive change.

Going Back in Time

To say Gerry Elsdon has a colourful background is a huge understatement! She was born in District 6 and lived through the forced removals and Group Areas Act in the Cape in the 1980s, got on a Greyhound bus from Cape Town and met Nelson Mandela in an elevator within her first hour in Johannesburg. No one can tell her inspiring and uplifting story better than she can.

As if having celebrity status and being an internationally-known activist were not enough, Gerry is also a successful businesswoman, accessory designer and CEO of a thriving communications company.

Through her challenges and achievements, Gerry has managed to take on several other uplifting projects. In saying so, she has mentored young men and women entering the entertainment industry and acts as Patron for the Othandweni Family Centre in Soweto and, together with her husband, continuously opens their home as a place of safety for children in need of caring. They care for between four and seven kids at any given time and love it.

After having served as the Avon spokesperson for three years, Gerry embarked on her own venture in the South African fashion and beauty industry. She does all of the above while working at scaling the 7 summits of the world and teaching audiences how to scale the cliffs and mountains in their own lives.

Gerry is devoted to her determination of inspiring an interest in the arts amongst the young people and to encourage creativity as a means of expression, while also instilling a culture of learning and teaching business skills so as to equip young performers and artists for the future.

Gerry naturally receives a warm welcoming wherever she makes appearances. Her relaxed and amiable style as an MC makes her a pleasure to work with at corporate events, with heads of state, captains of industry and corporate staffers alike.

Her unique ability to interact with her audience is also owed to her infectious laugh and bubbly personality, which most definitely adds to her popularity as a speaker and facilitator.

Speech & Workshop topics

Gerry Elsdon has become a highly sought after speak and meeting facilitator.

    • Life Lessons Learnt on Kilimanjaro.
    • Conference Presentation skills.
    • Get Fired Up Without Burning Out.
    • What Have You Done For YOU Lately?
    • Superwoman Self Esteem.
    • Networking Nuggets.
    • The Goddess Within.
    • Every girl has 2 Sides.\