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Based: Johannesburg

Sakhile is a business coach at GROW – a premier business coaching firm that works with over 70 companies a month to accelerate the growth of their businesses, people and profits.
Sakhile has coached companies from a variety of fields, including technology, energy and hospitality. He is an expert on customer service, certified by The DiJulius Group – a US- based consulting organization that works with leading companies in customer service such as Starbucks and Nordstrom. Sakhile holds an Honours degree in Strategic Management and is currently in the final stages of his Masters degree in Entrepreneurship at Wits Business School.
Keynote Topics
1. Customer Experience Journey: Secret Service
This proactive 2 day, one of a kind class is taught by Sakhile Mkwanazi. In this class, you will learn to develop a your companies Customer Experience Journey Map guided by a certified Secret Service Agent.
The Customer Experience Journey Map provides a complete picture of the Customer interaction. It is a tool to help companies see what their Customers really want. When you complete this class, you will have the complete journey map of all your customers, understanding how to use this to personalise and enhance each touchpoint through Secret Service Agents in your team.
Secret Service uses hidden systems to deliver unforgettable Customer service. This workshop will boost company moral, improve systems and empower the team to take initiative and deal effectively with challenges.
2. This workshop helps your team
• Consistently deliver exceptional service and beat customer service • Create raving customers who keep coming back for more
• Create non negotiable standards of service to be used by all