Based: Bloemfontein

Simpl3 Stori3s is a band consisting of 3 members – Brothers By Choice and United In Perfect Harmony, as the trio says.

This group of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists are a versatile and vibrant act suitable for any occasion. A big part of a group’s success is how well they sync and can harmonize into one talented and flawless entity. This is the case when it comes to Simpl3 Stori3s. A band not just consisting of three talented musicians, but a band that’s made up of three brothers all sharing the same love and passion for music. “Three individuals combining their skills to craft arrangements, harmonies, and personalities, leaving any listener eager to hear more.”

The band currently consists of CJ van Wyk aka Clintjay, Naledi Mohapi aka Ned, and Sam Akach aka The Hero. Alongside touring the country and performing for huge crowds, the three has still managed to pay tribute to legendary songs by covering them. Some of these hit singles include Bruno Mars’ Marry You and also Redemption Song from the one and only, Bob Marley. What makes Simpl3 Stori3s such an inspiration to all up and coming entertainers is how far they have come.