Sheldon De St Pern, a distinguished solo artist, captivates audiences with his dynamic vocal range ​as a singer and showcases his songwriting prowess complemented by his expertise as a guitarist, ​singer song writer. Specializing in both covers and original compositions, Sheldon’s live ​performances boast an impressive 100% rebooking rate, a testament to his magnetic stage ​presence and ability to engage spectators seamlessly.

A seasoned veteran in the entertainment field, he possesses over a quarter-century of experience, ​earning him widespread acclaim and a reputation for excellence. Notable for his charismatic ​showmanship, Sheldon comes with a portfolio of credible and verifiable testimonials.

His artistic journey commenced in his native South Africa, where he garnered fame across numerous ​municipalities and achieved international recognition. Sheldon’s versatile act has graced prestigious ​venues, from 5-star hotels and casinos to amphitheaters, as well as a variety of events such as ​festivals, golf club estates, weddings, corporate gatherings, clubs, and establishments in need of ​high-caliber entertainment across the globe.

Sheldon’s proficiency extends to his role as a Master of Ceremonies, where he is renowned for ​impeccable delivery. His longstanding association with the esteemed Suncoast Casino group, ​alongside his role as an MC for nuptials and eminent corporations, is indicative of his versatility and ​adaptability.

Among his career milestones, Sheldon has had the distinction of performing alongside The ​Commitments during their world tour in Dubai, signing with the record label Blue Isle Music, and ​releasing albums featuring Swing and Rock influences. In addition, his talents were on display on the ​national stage in season two of The Voice South Africa, further solidifying his status within the ​industry.