Based: Johannesburg

Born in Duncan Village, Eastern Cape, Pame said he was introduced to music by his parents, who were also musicians. They listened to music which inspired his love for music from various genres. At 15 he joined a local church and became leader of the worship team, but it was when he started a rap group in grade 8 that he got to learn about different classical musical instruments, which later played a role in shaping his music career. His music teacher presented them with an opportunity to learn classical instruments such as the violin, cello, and viola. Siseko continued to learn until he was placed in local orchestras such as the East London Classical Players’ Orchestra in 2004. It was at that time when doors started opening for him.

SAMA Award winner (Best African Adult Album – 2018), Siseko complements his vocal rendition with his mesmerising sound of his violin which has become the centrepiece of artistic and music delivery. His music transcends between Ethno-Soul laced with Xhosa folk harmonies.

Pame encourages aspiring artists not to despise small beginnings.