Based: Johannesburg

Biggy, a rapper born and raised in Port Elizabeth, is the latest and freshest talent to come out of the city and he is taking the South African hip hop world by storm with his unconventional approach. He fuses traditional hip hop production and electronic dance music, creating a world that he is more comfortable in which has his influences as the foundation.

His latest single off of his debut project, Dames, has placed Biggy in the forefront of Afrikaans hip hop in Port Elizabeth and also has gained him national (even international) attention. The song’s music video has gained over a hundred-thousand views in less than a month. He raps his heart out on Dames and flexes his storytelling and lyricism with a touch of humor and that is a recipe for fostering great connections with the masses.

You should definitely follow Biggy because he is about to flip South African hip hop over its head.