Based: Rwanda

RWANDAN ACROBATS is a professional acrobats group based in Kigali/Rwanda, it consists of a high skilled show that performs in Rwanda and internationally.
The artists also run some very successful projects for vulnerable children in the area by using their artistic skills as a method of spreading laughter, hope, joy, inspiration and others in their daily life.
Before we become a group everyone was doing by himself just for having a fun or enjoying. and most of us were orphans, street kids and also from the poorest families.
As we were meeting somewhere like on the streets ,at the beach or somewhere else ,we were doing acrobatics and gymnastics together, that’s where we got an idea of how we can create a group and work together and that’s how we started to organize our training and decide the place for the training .
After becoming a group we started to learn different things from TV ,YouTube ,Google and others .after seeing that we can do something ,we started to look for the shows for testing ourselves ,just where we can show people what we can do . that’s how we started to get known and get invited here in our country and out of it in different events ,wedding , congress ,parties, government events and others .
But in doing these things we had a vision or expectation of changing our life also for our families. And we said that after changing our life, we will change for others also who live in bad life situation. That’s why when we get the shows we try to help some kids like feeding them, paying school fees, buying clothes and others and also we try to talk with them by sharing with them our stories, ideas, advises in order to see how they can change their life, and of course make them happy and feel strong instead of keep thinking about the life that they’re in. We show them that even us we were living in bad life situation but we are fighting how we can change our life.
We also visited orphanage centers, disability centers and all refugee camps in Rwanda and we use to organize a tour in all refugee camps in Rwanda performing and doing workshops ,we also do a children holidays camp every year in December .we use to do different activities and after all activities we try to talk with them.

And of course according what we do, people can learn from our story because there’s a story we passed through in it which was good or bad, it means they can get different ideas of how they can change their life after telling them our story.
So one in our dreams is to have a center where we will have different activities for people who are living in bad life situation also organizing a circus arts festival in Rwanda
2. Our vision

• To build ourselves through our talent
• To help others who lives in bad life situations
• To spread laughter ,peace and love
• To give others hope for their future
• To inspire and help others who are vulnerable life situation
• To participate in international festivals, events and others
• To be known all over the world
. To organize a circus arts festival every year in Rwanda
. To have a circus center / school
. To have have many circus performers around Rwanda
. To have a circus tent for performances

3. Our expectations

• To be improved in ,skills ,knowledge ,wealthy and help people who lives in bad life situations
• To create a world full of laughter
• To create a partnership all over the world

4. Our values

• Patriotism
• Unity
• Respect
• Work
• Solidarity
• Excellence
• Equality
• Partnership
• Humanity

5. Aim and strategic objectives

• To contribute our knowledge
• To share knowledge,ideas,skills through our talent with culture between us and others
• To encourage others to research and develop their artistic work and to have self confidence
• To fight against HIV/SIDA ,drugs and other bad behaviors through talent
• To teach people that it’s possible to create their own thing through what they have or what they can