Based: Johannesburg

When the nation voted unanimously for 12-year old Botlhale Boikanyo’s winning performance of ‘Africa My Pride’ on SA’s Got Talent (Oct 2012) – they were endorsing the young spoken word artist’s moving performance – that at once begs for your full and undivided attention, as it fills one with renewed hope.

The relevance of Botlhale’s message has led to the recording of ‘Africa My Pride’ as a spoken word piece to music, as produced by Malambule of Native Rhythms Productions – and released through Sony Music Entertainment as digital EP.

Bursting with pride, the young spoken word artist uses words instead of a brush, with which to paint a picture of a better world, a world that we can all see as we listen to the echoes of her voice. Transforming the way we view our approach to rearing a new generation of promising youth.