Based: Cape Town

The Haka is the mighty war cry of Maori warriors, an unified display of strength and prowess certain to intimidate even the bravest opposition. Beyond a challenge or war cry, this ancient sacred dance is performed to celebrate special occasions or welcome important guests. Just as delegates are getting settled for their conference day ahead, they hear the famous New Zealand war cry. Guided by our high energy facilitators your group will learn words, meanings and actions of the Haka before co-ordinating their actions in a spine-tingling group performance.

Haka Action is great leveller allowing all participants to physically engage at their own level without feeling uncomfortable. In Haka Action participants are encouraged to release their inhibitions and have an open-minded attitude. In this supportive, shared environment participants are able to unleash their creative and emotive expression. Haka Action leaves participants feeling fresh and invigorated, united together through shared experience and motivated to face their challenges head-on