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Historically, the dance Pantsula was entertaining and was famous several decades ago in townships of South Africa, but it was more than just another dance. It was a spontaneous expression of the lives of young men and women in the townships that needed a way out of their misery.

The Pantsula became a very popular form of dance in the 1980s among young men and women in the townships of Africa. The dance was not only used for them to express themselves, but was also a way of life. It expressed their lives as a reflection of the violence of the township culture. The dance set them free from parental dominance and it gave them freedom without prejudice. It gained international recognition and became the pop music of the decade.

The Pantsula dance is described as a flat footed African tap-and-glide style of dance. The Zulu word “pantsula” means to “waddle like a duck or alternatively to walk with protruded buttocks,” which is a characteristic of the dance.