Based: Rwanda

INGANZO NGARI is a statutory traditional dance troupe that was created in 2006. The main purpose of its creation was to promote the Rwandan folkloric dance among the youth and their welfare through art. Since its creation, INGANZO NGARI officially reigns as the best of the existing troupes, and this accreditation is done through a series of competitions and evaluation by competent bodies. This prize list has recognition on the professional scene where the troupe is regarded as professionnal and talented group. And among the Rwandan community, INGANZO NGARI has already left footprints and has become the favourite troupe. Moreover, just some time after its creation, INGANZO NGARI started enjoying international podiums where it emerged as the best world folkloric dance troupe, during its participation in the International Folkloric Festival of Mallorca in Spain (2009), South Africa, Turkey(twice), Singapole, Russia, Nigeria, Gabon and more and more African countries