Motivational . Inspirational

Based: Johannesburg

Oscar Von Memerty standing 113cms high has overcome many obstacles in his short little life including 2 bone marrow transplants and a lung infection that culminated in a 10 minute stoppage six weeks after his second transplant.

Despite all of this he has discovered a thrilling talent for hip hop and developed a powerful and unique style of motivational speaking and stand-up comedy. His message of overcoming huge obstacles and turning adversity into triumph is guaranteed to not only inspire people, but because of his talent, humour and charm, will also truly entertain them.

Oscar believes his role in life is to “inspire people of all races and genders and encourage them to overcome any obstacles they are faced with.”He loves to dance and uses his art to show the audience that perseverance and positive thinking will grant you the opportunity to fulfill your potential and purpose.He would also like to encourage people to accept ‘those who are born to be different’ and to not be afraid to stand out from the rest!

Simply one of the most powerful and effective performers ever seen, every time he is on stage the audience erupts with wild cheers and applause and leaves feeling uplifted, humbled and inspired.

His performance includes:

Approx. 20 minutes of sharing his life story / obstacles he has to overcome on a daily basis / impact of bullying / and creating a normal life despite many daily challenges.