Based:  Cape Town

Native Young is the brainchild of Yannick Meyer, a 27-year-old producer and songwriter, from Cape Town, South Africa.
When embarking on the Native Young project, the original goal seemed to be to forge musical ideas with people from different cultural backgrounds, pushing the boundaries of music and fusion in a true heart connection. What bloomed forth from this was something truly special.
The band has developed into 4 piece afro-folk indie collective founded in 2014 with members from various walks of life and cultures.

When asked to sum up their music genre Native Young describe their sound as “Kasi-pop”.
There are a handful of bands in in the world that seem to have the ability to reach so many listeners at a heart level, with extremely listenable melodies, funky hooks and soulful phrases, while at the same time leaving their audience feeling that they have heard something truly original and fresh.
There is absolutely no doubt that their debut album, “Kings”, will make big waves, not only locally but internationally too.

With intrinsic, emotive and heartfelt foot-tapping grooves guaranteed to spread a smile across the faces of their listeners, Native Young never disappoints.