Based: Johannesburg

Following a number of successful hits coming out of song writing trips to Los Angeles and New York, Carli was invited to travel to Toronto Canada to collaboratewith songwriters and producers who have worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Fallout Boy.
After four full days of song writing sessions, she not only left Toronto with another chart-topping hit and an exciting new series of upcoming releases but she also left with thousands of stories, melodies, emotions, and unforgettable memories.
Carli’s new music comes off the back of a successful and colourful music career.
Her loyal and enthusiastic fan base began to grow after her independent debut single, Clutch, shot to the top of the charts on Algoa FM, a popular South African radio station. After Clutch, the progressive and innovative South African Indie label, Just Music, snapped up Carli’s next two releases. The first, All the King’s Horses achieved widespread success and reached the semi finals of the international competition, ‘SuperXtar’. Her second hit, Walls, touched the hearts of many people across the world with its powerful and inspirational message.
Carli has since released a number of follow-up tracks, which have all received extensive national radio support. Crazy secured the number one position on Jacaranda FM within weeks and charted on radio stations around the country. Carli wrote Crazy at an international song writing camp in Cape Town, hosted by BMI, the largest music rights organisation in the United States which is commited to nurturing new talent and new music. As a member of BMI, Carli was personally invited to attend this first ever South African song writing camp, where she collaborated with the likes of Shekhinah, Karen Zoid, Ameen Harron, Ziyon, RJ Benjamin, Jann Klose, and Stephen Stapley.
Just Sayin, her most recent hit, secured the number one spot for two consecutive weeks on Jacaranda FM, a top South African radio station. The track was born in New York, where Carli collaborated with American Idol top eight finalist, Robbie Rosen. Just Sayin was in the top two songs for four weeks, and remained on the charts for over 20 weeks. Just Sayin further charted throughout the country on numerous national radio stations and was featured on multiple media platforms.Carli is an all rounder whose talent is not limited to the exciting world of creating popular music. When she’s not writing chart-topping hit singles, she spends much of her time consulting with blue chip companies in South Africa on their organisational development. As a qualified Industrial Organisational Psychologist who graduated cum laude with a Masters degree, Carli works hard to help executives and their teams develop and realise their potential at work.
Carli also lives an active life, hiking, salsa dancing, gyming, and sweating it out in hot yoga classes and endurance races. She’s run the New York City Marathon, swum the MidMar Mile and completed a number of obstacle course races.
While Carli clearly has a zest for life, family, friends, dogs, new experiences and delicious vegan food, her soul truly lights up when she steps on stage to perform for her fans.Having just returned from Los Angeles, accompanying winner of 16 Grammy’s David Foster, as well as Katherine McPhee, and Pia Toscano live on stage, Carli received an encore from the President of Universal Music Publishing North America, Evan Lamberg.
Over the years Carli has also done several live performances on national TV, as well as at events across the country, including the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, the Good Hope FM Benefit Concert, the Moshito Music Festival, Gandhi Walk, Rand Show, Bennie’s Bash (alongside DJ Kent, Gangs of Ballet and Monark to name a few), as well as performances at several corporate and charity events.