Based: Johannesburg

From the shores of the 3rd largest city in South Africa; radiates a 23 year old, (Umthatha born) Durban raised singer and songwriter, poised to make the world her own.

MONEOA is a dancer by profession; but has followed her heart to singing, after her family and friends made her realize that her voice glides across chords as swiftly as her feet through a detailed choreography. Her voice is paradoxically chilling, yet soothing and her “feel good” music is an interesting blend of afro pop/neo-soul delivered through a rare, vulnerable emotional catharsis.

Befittingly her debut album is titled “Coming from Going to” and her storytelling lyrical style is jetted from track 1 to 14 by producers like Vusi Ndlovu from Odeum Music; Beatmaker & Dan Joffe from King and I; Nick Holder / Da Capo from DNH Records and Binary Boys from Voodoo Collective.

MONEOA is a true musical talent with a distinguishably raspy voice that floats effortlessly on tracks and satiating purposeful lyrics that exude “Life and Meaning”.