Based: Cape Town

Mandisi Sindo also known as Dr. Disi is a South African theatre practitioner, activist, alternative art spaces innovator, actor and presenter.  Mandisi is recognised as pioneer in the art world, with his Non-Profit company called “Theatre4Change Arts Project”, also known as Khayelitsha Art School and Rehabilitation Centre (KASIRC) or the “Shack Art School”.

Established in 2017 the Shack Art School’s main purpose is to enable students from various disciplines of art, with a platform to easily access art education and opportunities in the community.

Mandisi is a visionary who plans to lead with an empowering legacy of formalising the “Shack Art School” into the first official art school in the township of Khayelitsha, with high hopes of it being accredited by the Department of Education.

Mandisi sees art as an engaging tool that can be used to liberate people from their challenges and recognizes art as an important platform for the youth to have access too. He encourages unity within the community by including neighbouring townships to share the space and learn from one another’s talents,  using the motto “Inspiring the uninspired, Informing the uninformed and educating the uneducated”.