Entrepreneur. Technology. Digital. Futurist

Based: Johannesburg

For 20 years, I’ve pushed the envelope of what’s possible in my career: At 22, and in my first company, I created a revolutionary vision system for partially sighted children (first provisional patent) and from there I kept on pushing what my imagination could conceive. This journey included 3 more companies, including a non-profit in Silicon Valley at the cusp of Clean Technology. Throw into the mix, my role as head of small business marketing at Google South Africa where I helped create 50,000 websites in a year (one every 10 minutes!) and recently as a global speaker and futurist – I would like to use my experience to help you build better, more anti-fragile and future ready businesses. I’ve also co-authored 2 books (including an Amazon no 1 top seller) and the youngest graduation speaker at the University of Johannesburg.

Some of my areas of expertise include emergent technology (AI, blockchain, Quantum, CRISPr), business model innovation, company culture and New World of Work. Across Africa, I’ve spoken at length on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the preparedness of the African continent and was a TEDx Speaker in 2011.

I hold dual Master’s degrees in Engineering (Electrical and Usability, University of Witwatersrand) and Business (MBA ,Babson College) and completing a PhD in Futures Thinking (University of Johannesburg). My research will help leaders seize the unknown and create the future(s) they want. I also hold certification in leadership (Said Business School, Oxford), sustainability (Cambridge) and counselling (University of Pretoria).

Unlike other experts who are “talk and little action”, I act on what I talk about: I’ve converted my car to electric and filed 2 patents, left Google (and Google X) and rejected an opportunity to lead one of Richard Branson’s companies to create a global platform for tomorrow’s leaders.

I have been fortunate enough to gain some recognition during my career and have received a number of awards.