Based: Namibia

WINDHOEK- Stand-up comedian Derrick Lloyd Jefferson Sakarias, otherwise known as Lloyd the comedian, the guy behind mad lips funny clips on social media has been using his passion to reach the masses.

“Unlike other comedians, I started off performing with the big names in Namibian comedy Slick; Courage the comedian and Mark Kariahua,” he said.

Lloyd the Comedian writes his own jokes, his own hilarity and takes advantage of activities around him to incorporate them in his work. “I see the humour in the day-to-day lifestyles of people. I get my jokes from the daily lives of people, myself, current affairs and sports,” he said.

He said the rare part of his comedy comes from the ability to perform every day at his workplace as a teacher. “I get to test my work every day to my learners, if they laugh then I know the comedy lovers out there will love it too and if they don’t then I know it didn’t work and it either needs to be polished or adjusted, ” he stated.

He said being a teacher makes it worthwhile. He said being in charge of close to 350 learners from different backgrounds with 350 different personalities and 350 different behaviours makes him a multicultural comedian based on the diversity of the learners and he credited them partially for the comedian that he is today.

The History, Geography, Social Science and Arts teacher at Centaurus High School in Windhoek says he easily incorporates both crafts with ease. “Being a comedian is an inborn talent and I have adopted the comedic intellect approach when teaching my learners who by the way are performing very well,” he said.
Also referred to as Teacher X on school premises, Lloyd the Comedian does the universal style of comedy.

“I am good at getting into character and accents. Put me in a crowd of coloureds, Ovaherero, Damara/Nama and even foreigners, I easily adapt to people and surroundings,” he said.
With only five years in comedy, Lloyd the Comedian has performed before the First Lady of Namibia; Madam Monica Geingos for which he received massive compliments and positive critical acclaim.
Lloyd the Comedian has also represented the country beyond borders on comedy tours.

“Because of comedy, I was able to perform in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa), Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe,” said Lloyd the Comedian with a wide grin on his face.
Comedy is not new to him. “Growing up, I was a humorous person, I would always impersonate teachers once they get out of class,” he said.

Lloyd the Comedian is the reigning champion of the Last Comic Standing, confessed that at first he had no idea how Last Comic Standing works. “It’s all about the number of jokes you can tell in three minutes,” he explained.

He said the first time the took part in the competition he did not win as he was not familiar with the concept of the show. “I only made it to the second round because I had no idea how Last Comic works. I initially thought it was about how funny one can be and not telling many jokes within three minutes,” he recalled.
He also had the opportunity to have a gig on Radio Energy by hosting Lols with Lloyd alongside NSK, who now hosts 1st Class on Fresh FM.