Based: Johannesburg

The new kid on the block has settled in quite nicely on 5FM. Hailing from Cape Town, self-confessed nerd Nick Hamman came to Johannesburg for the very first time in his life last year when he had to move to the city to take up the gig on the morning

He kicking off 5FM’s powerhouse breakfast shows by providing listeners with ground-breaking, youth driven content that can’t be found anywhere else, offering up plenty food for thought.

Always a step ahead, Nick Hamman is excited about providing radio that is stimulating, exciting and engaging with content that appeals to South Africans who are educated, young at heart and positive about our country.

While most people are by now area that Nick is very much into English, literature, philosophy and music, what most don’t is that he has some serious steet cred in the form of being a drummer and once being part of a hip hop band in Cape Town.

In his personal capacity Nick is passionate about CSi initiatives and has previously spoken at a lot of highs school in poorer areas in CT on topics like crime, violence and drug abuse and plans to do more in the future saying working on grass roots level is important to him.

Nick, who says he was fairly athletic when he was younger, has taken to cycling recently and is eager on fitness related activities in addition to getting his fix of online website that offer insightful stories that he can share with his listeners.