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Based: Johannesburg

No longer just performing to public and corporate crowds, Vlismas has entered the realm of producer/director and business speaker.

His insightful presentations on the ability of performers to size up a crowd and move them using a heightened sense of empathy, “The Shared World” has earned rave reviews from the increasing number of companies that have hired him to present during their leadership and strategy sessions.

He was invited to speak at a Nedbank Biz Seminar on the topic of entrepreneurship in the creative industry, and was the only local speaker at the prestigious DSTV Creative Seminar at the 2014 Loeries.

Talk Topics:

Shared world –

This talk is based on 2 decades of successfully performing comedy to hundreds of thousands of people in 12 countries. How does a human being walk on stage in another culture and connect with a group of strangers?

Learn some of the principles John uses to apply empathy and quickly connect to people without getting to know them. He calls this state of empathy, The Shared World. This talk is about how to apply six principles that will assist you to quickly and authentically position yourself or your team in an optimal state to “read the room.”

This talk is unique as John uses comedy throughout to demonstrate the six principles of quickly and clearly establishing a Shared World collaboration environment.

The Good Racist –

Based on five months of research John did for his best-selling show of the same name, this talk is a no-holds barred and frank look at racism in the world today.

It’s history, root causes and how to approach the subject without igniting a full-blown conflict in your work, school or home environment. Not for the faint of heart, this show puts the topic of racism on the table, right under the audience’s nose, and demands engagement. While this is going on, he uses his satirist’s hat to amuse and terrify while he teaches.

If you are sincere about beginning dialogue and addressing racism with insight and balance in your environment, this talk is essential viewing.