Based: Cape Town

FUSION RHYTHM is an Afro Jazz band based in Cape Town

It’s a versatile band that plays different genres of music from all sources of influence which makes the object of it inspiration from JAZZ, BLUES, PURE JAZZ, SOUL, AFRO BEATS, and STANDARD JAZZ.

The band was created in 2018 in Johannesburg and then moved to Cape Town with objective to win the hearts of Capetonians through JAZZ AND FUSION.

The band is composed of 6 members; one vocalist and percusionist, one pianist, one bassist and vocalist, one saxophonist and vocalist, one drummer, one guitarist.

From its creation the band has been performing around Africa and shared the experience and stages inside the music industry with some of the greatest musicians in the world such as ANGY STONE at MACUFI festival in Bloemfontein, BABAMAL from Senegal, LOKUA KANZA from Congo, SALIF KEITA and many more at big festivals such as, HERITAGE FESTIVAL, SOFAR UNWIRED COMPETITION, MATROOSFINTEIN JAZZ REUNION, JAZZHATON, TEQUILA FESTIVAL ,FESPAM in Brazzaville, TOBETA JAZZ in DRC Congo, etc.

Local places in Cape town(South Africa) such as The crypt Jazz restaurant , Lad Vegas lounge, Premium sport bar , Botanique restaurant , Nomad Bistro , Josephine mills , Jazz club Galaxy , Hout Bay Market , 44 on long theatre and many more…

We are committed to use Music in various Educational and Empowerment programs as tools towards participating in community development with stake holders and be actively involved in the fight against POVERTY, HIV and AIDS, CANCER, GENDER ABUSE, DRUG ABUSE, DISCRIMINATION, XENOPHOBIA and all other crimes.