From the moment he can remember, music has played a role in shipping DJ Sox. Its music which has had the most impact on who he is and what he stands for.

DJ Sox started playing vinyls at the age of 14. He fell in love with the art of being a DJ while watching Technics world championships tapes which his mother used to buy for him. At that time he was too young to attend or play at parties so the only solution was to throw mad house parties while he mother was away and play at his own parties. Back then there wasn’t really a club culture in Durban, his hometown. His parties started to grow, he also grew to become a recognized young DJ massive crowds who wanted to be seen at his stylish parties. His parties even earned the respect from the “who’s who” of South African celebrities. The celebrities travelled from all over the country mainly Johannesburg just to attend.

These parties pioneered the so called “DKM” Durban Kwaito Music and helped to put Durban party culture on the map thus adding momentum to the developing “DKM”. Its during his house parties where he met DJ Tira with whom they formed an award winning duo namely Durban’s Finest.

He then began performing in a series of events and parties all over the country as a full touring DJ. He performed at Metro Film Festival between 2003 and 2005 annually. In mid 2003 he travelled to England to perform at the Nottingham Carnival – the biggest carnival in the world. In 2004 he played in various African countries including Namibia and Zimbabwe for an event called Poetry Africa.

In March 2004 he started getting involved in various government campaigns including Old age abuse campaign which was 20 road shows, Aids awareness campaigns by KZN Aids Action Unit, Asiphephe campaign KZN – 20 road shows.

In 2004 Djs Sox and Tira formed Durban’s Finest and released their first album Durban’s Finest Vol.1 and later that year they did a European tour together as a duo touring countries like: France, Germany and England.

In October 2005 they were nominated and won Metro FM Music Award-Best Dance Album. On the album they worked with DJ Oskido; Cleo; Mahoota; Black Coffee; professor and T’zozo. Since 2005 Durban’s Finest Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 was released.

In 2009 DJ Sox started a new series of album Releases called “House Party” the success of this project saw the release of hit tracks like “lapotre” and “sasho”. This album was nominated for SAMA’s best dance album.

In 2011 House Party Vol 2 was released with hit tracks like “I hope you don’t mind” feat DJ Tira.
2013 DJ Sox is currently working on his third offering called House Party Vol 3.