Based: Port Elizabeth

Luke Mains and Neelan Munnick, better known in the music circles as Four7 & LukeM. The duo have had a series of mixtape releases with various bootlegs and remixes being showcased with downloads and plays in excess of 40 000 people per release.

Four7 & LukeM came together through mutual acquaintances and quite rapidly found that their love for music had drawn them to spending hours learning and feeding off one another’s style of production, as well as their individual musical influences. They are both self-taught music producers. Together, they have found a fresh sound that sets them apart from other up and coming DJ’s. One of their biggest remixes “Take Me Back”, of a local band from their hometown created waves across South Africa and abroad to neighbouring countries. Having their music being requested to their influential artists, Four7 & Luke M gained the support from South African legends such as DJ Fresh and DJ Kent, promoting the young producers music on 5fm. Four7 & Luke M managed to get their music across the country by making use of every opportunity and platform available. The Four7 and Luke M sound includes various elements and influences which seem to please their continuously expanding fan base.

Individually, the artists continue to experiment with new production techniques and house music sub genres which allows their sound to progress as a collective. The duo enjoy a large following in their hometown and throughout the country with them often headlining at some of the most well-known nightclubs in South Africa. Their bootlegs and remixes are very often heard on national radio stations and used by well established DJ’s in their sets.

These artists intend to continue progressing their music, believing in the fact that there is always more to learn and acquire on the path of their musical journey, hereby making a positive impact on the South African and global house scene whilst remaining true to the humble beginnings