Based: Cape Town

Inspired by the Jamaican dub sound systems of the 1970’s Skoro 2020 is my sonic tricycle. By giving me the mobility to perform to a public audience it brings my unconventional electronic music show to the communities from Cape Town to Amsterdam. It creates a world of wonder and excitement, special interventions that for a short moment in time become a place of dancing and smiles. After its mysterious disappearance in March of 2019, the original Skoro Fietsie went missing without a trace. From August to December 2019 I am resurrecting my busking performance in both South Africa and the Netherlands and rebuilding the street rig with this new model. Within this new design I incorporate upcycled technology with simplistic solutions. Themes of sustainability, mobility and upcycling are key relevant topics that are intended to be identified in the vehicle’s design and message that is rooted in Afrofuturism.