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Aerial art refers to physical movement, often dance-like or acrobatic in nature, performed while suspended in the air. Aerial Art is a very free form of expression with limitless ways to explore your creativity!  Simply put, it means expression through some form of suspended movement.  As a result, it is the perfect medium for combining physicality and art in whatever way brings you personal satisfaction.  There is never a need for previous physical or artistic experience for this artistic medium.  The true connecting thread is always safe rigging and safe technique.  Given this, the sky’s the limit – or better put, the sky is your studio!  Aerial training is very individual and your experience will be one of a kind!  Just as each painter creates different paintings from a blank canvas and each dancer creates a different performance with an empty dance floor, aerial apparatuses are used to create distinct and vastly different works of art.  That is the beauty of Aerial Art!

There are various forms of Aerial Acts.  Lyra is a performance using a Hoop. Silk Act is using the Silk fabric. Rope is the use of thick rope into act. Ring Act is using a large circle in the act and other options.

Ring Aerial act is only available in Cape Town