Based: Johannesburg

“Living and breathing music from a young age, this is us putting ourselves out there for the first time. Being our own harshest critics can sometimes delay the process. Believing in quality as opposed to quantity, we feed off crunchy guitar riffs, and live at the crossroads where country, folk and blues meet. Putting the soul into live performances, original music and cover songs, this is the beginning of what we hope to be a lifelong affair with music.” – Bad Peter

Bad Peter was formed in March 2014 with members Philip Badenhorst and Alwyn Bekker.  In November 2014 the duo signed their first record deal with David Gresham Records.  The group’s first two singles as well as their debut EP reached top 100 placements on the iTunes charts.

The Acoustic Folk Rock Duo’s fans renown them for their incredible live performances, great tone and easy-listening vocals.  Bad Peter performs at Festivals, Corporate Events, Markets, Weddings and Private Functions.