Based: Zimbabwe

ZimPraise is led by Joseph Madziyire, son to Dr Aspher Madziyire the President of Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (A.F.M) Church who is also a pastor at A.F.M Grace Centre in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. In 2010 Joseph Madziyire, familiar to many in the music industry came back from Australia where he was studying Creative Arts majoring in Music and Film. He had always had a passion for music and had a dream of setting up a music group that was going to become the pace setters of music excellence with special emphasis on gospel music. During that year Joseph was appointed chief executive officer of ZimPraise after its registration and formal inception by the ZimPraise Trustees namely Macdonald Chidavaenzi and Garikai Ndanga. His appointment as CEO saw the intensifying of the ZimPraise Choir during the preparation and planning of the 3rd season Live DVD.

ZimPraise as an interdenominational Praise and Worship group of passionate Christian musicians has incorporated different backgrounds and denominations that have joined in union to make one massive Praise and Worship Music team. The aim of uniting the Nations through music for God’s glory is what gave birth to ZimPraise in October 2006. The praise and worship depicts and clearly shows a truly Zimbabwean and Christian choir. The choir has in the past ministered in various schools, universities, and churches. ZimPraise has reached out to the Zimbabwean Community at large.

The fusion of different musicians from different backgrounds brings nothing but dynamism and diversity to the music. The dominant genre which is common among ZimPraise songs is the contemporary gospel taste. In addition to that there are also some traits of Sungura; R and B; Hip Hop and the traditional Mapostori music present in the ZimPraise gospel music.