Virtual from Home


Win it in a Minute Remote is full of excitement and nail-biting moments as teams battle it out in a series of 60 second challenges. Prior to the event day, participants are provided with a short list of household items to have on hand and ready for the Win it in a Minute party! A facilitator will then virtually guide your remote workers through each challenge before teams break away in virtual breakout rooms to practice and assign roles. Everyone will then come back together in one big virtual room to watch the final results and have a good laugh along the way.


Learning Outcomes

This interactive and energetic activity also has excellent benefits for team communication skills and developing team strategy. Win it in a Minute Remote is inclusive and has been proven to boost individual morale as team members get to know each other outside of the usual work environment in a comfortable manner. The open format enables everybody to participate and no doubt welcome the competition to be the Win it in a Minute champions!

Remote Team Activity

This activity has been designed especially for remote teams. If your team can’t be in the same city or the same physical space, its a great way to engage, motivate and connect your team. Using an online conferencing tool, our skilled facilitators will be there to guide your participants throughout the experience and lead a debrief afterwards to maximise learning outcomes