Based: Port Elizabeth

VuDu is a Nu Jazz collective from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The VuDu sound is a fusion of traditional and African jazz with urban contemporary genres.The band was founded in 2009 by Alec Mackay (bass) who recruited Virgil Matrass (keys), Sisanda “Sid” Myataza (vocals) and Kristo Zondagh (drums) to form a straight ahead jazz band. VuDu soon started writing original material and shortly thereafter recorded their first single, “Why,” a Neo-Soul composition, followed by their first EP, “The Birth of a New Sound,” which expanded their sound into experimental territories.The roles of keyboardist and bassist were later respevtively filled by Wesley Keet and Grant Allison. They released their second EP, “Better Late than Never” in 2013 boasting a more refined sound.Despite the core members, VuDu’s collective members are constantly being interchanged, featuring musicians such as Tim Sedso, Andrew Warneke, Lloyd Martin, Curtis Kettledas, Lincoln Adams Mthawelanga Ndyoko, Justin Kamineth and Kyle Du Preez.