Leadership. Business

Based: Johannesburg

Tumi Frazier, one of South Africa’s gems and great change experts who are internationally acclaimed.
Tumi assists individuals and organizations with personal and organizational development solutions and interventions to improve accountability and commitment so as to cultivate high performance culture.
Tumi works with various organizations in most parts of Africa, United States and European markets. Her clients range from medium to large corporations, universities and schools. She takes time each month for Keynote Addresses, Motivational/Inspirational sessions, Workshops and Seminar Presentations.

Tumi combines Psychology & Coaching disciplines, business-consulting skills with an in-depth understanding of 9 languages, dynamics, processes, and organizational cultures.

Tumi has written columns in business newspapers and Magazines that reach millions of readers. She has written a self-help motivational book “Your Moment” which provides practical principles and techniques to achieve success in every area of one’s life.

Tumi has co-authored Stepping Stones to Success, a book featuring Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Dennis Waitley.
She features in a soon to be released book series CSI, Courageous Stories of Inspiration; a book featuring Dr. Robert Schuller amongst others.