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Based: Johannesburg

Tony Dovale – CEO and Founder

Business / Author / Change / High Performance Teams/ #FutureFit Mindsets/ Transformation

Tony Dovale is an expert Coach, Facilitator, Author and Business leadership Speaker.  Tony speaks/ facilitates Exponential Results through his REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance system for optimising People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

He is the 10xMAN, with more than 42 years of experience, research, and expertise, with People, Teams, Sales, Leadership, Business Strategy, empowering, and coaching people/teams to be #FutureFitNow, through activating and expanding their potential and results by 10x.

Corporate Soul Surgery

Tony is an expert in Personal, Team and High Performance Organizational Effectiveness and performance, with trainings, talks, workshops, and materials he delivers via customized keynote talks, conference presentations, and fully customised client centric interventions and immersion action-learning retreats.

As the #FutureFitNow high-performance and Resilience mindset expert and author. Tony inspires people globally with his Book SWIFT SUCCESS: the Revolutionary way to shift from whining to WINNING…FAST. Through the Canadian publisher Black Card Books.

High Performance Results

Tony is the developer of the LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance system (online & CD training System, as well as the developer of the potent and proven REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, CLEARx, High performance philosophy, framework and system.

Tony has worked with staff, teams, management, and executives, from most of the South African blue chip companies, government departments, as well as international engagements across the globe. Clients have achieved anything from 2x to 4x of their performance and results with Tony’s expert guidance and coaching interventions

He shares deep wisdom and experience on REAL Success and the inner journey; our path to higher consciousness, compassion, collaboration, and contribution to a brighter better BOLDER future for all: People, Planet AND Profits.

Tony’s Foundation

Reading my background you will notice, over my 45+ adult years, I’ve taken almost every workshop, seminar, or training possible. I literally have thousands of books, audios, and videos that promised clarity, consciousness, capacity and contribution, all in the service of co-creating a world of MORE: Integrity, freedom, Meaning, Love, Abundance, Peace and Joy… For those who are ready. 

Tony as a highly competitive person has piloted solo at 5,5 hours, started radio stations, had his own NOW Factor Radio Show (Seems Exchart Tolle must have hear it!). He’s run Media Sales for Bop Broadcasting’s 5 radio/TV channels, owned a IT Tech company, flown and crashed his paraglider, caught 4m sharks off his 3.3 m Jetski, played competitive hockey, and a few other adrenalin-pumping endeavours.

Through Tony’s research and experience he knows that it’s not enough to just motivate your audience. You must inspire, energise and enable them to change their Self- Identity, beliefs. Values and Potential, through a truly transformational Mind-Grow-Tainment process rather than motivation and information.

Tony’s life philosophies include… 

  • There is always a way;
  • Never enter a race to come second, 
  • Mindsets matter most; 
  • Without love, peace and compassion we are nothing. 
  • Greeder’s chase money only, Real Leaders Develop People, Planet AND Profits.

Tony is no ordinary theoretical speaker… He’s an invisible-expert and Alchemist / transformer on the deepest levels of human consciousness. This is TRUE Mind-Grow-Tainment.