Based: Cape Town

Thor Rixon, a young producer, musician and actor, was born in Cape Town, South Africa at the very start of the 90s. 

His journey into music and songwriting started aged twelve, with trumpet, guitar, drums, and later anything he could get his hands on. This all-consuming love of music later shifted to production, both in his own work and in the many collaborations he seeks out and engages in. The use of all these talents in unison is one of the things that defines Thor’s personal output. 

Thor is influenced by everything around him and everything he comes into contact with. Often this extends beyond music, even beyond sounds. He can go deep on one idea, mining it to its fullest depths; he can also go wide, incorporating many ideas at once, making them work together. 

He brings energy and inventiveness to every floor or stage he graces. Each of Thor’s live performances are unique, incorporating improvisation, live instrumentation and often guest performances from vocalists and musicians from all across the world. In his production and his performance, as in his day-to-day life, he never settles for just ordinary.