Based: Pretoria

Stones & Bones describe themselves as an Afro-Rock duo. What is Afro-Rock? – a blend of pulsating Afro House grooves with a touch of Rock and Soul! Stones & Bones is on the border, right where the city meets the street. Made up of Casper Steenkamp aka Casper J Stone and Kgothatso Mohlaka aka KG Bones, this talented Pretoria born and bred music duo know how to hustle their fresh sound.

Their music is inspired by the collective sounds each heard growing up – from Rock ‘n Roll and Hip Hop to House and traditional South African township Funk. Since their formation in 2010, their music has spread like a wildfire across the plains of South Africa, Africa and the world.
Hearing the band’s music is amazing but, seeing them perform live is even more mind-blowing. These 2 guys DJ, they sing, they dance, they play guitars, saxophones, keys, synthesizers and almost anything else that they can get their hands on. There is never a dull moment when these guys are on stage.

Kgothatso met Casper in 2009 when both studied a music production and sound engineering diploma – a friendship and a meeting of musical minds that led to the formation of Stones & Bones.
Kgothatso’s music journey began in 2003 in 10th grade when he was first introduced to computer music software. After high school he went on to study IT, however after just a few months he realised it wasn’t for him and instead felt compelled to chase his dream to pursue a career as a DJ. Working various part-time jobs to save enough money to buy himself a set of turntables, Kgothatso taught himself how to DJ. In 2007 he did a 6-month production course before starting the diploma that would lead to his meeting Casper.

For Casper, playing the saxophone in high school brass bands would be the start of his music journey, followed by him learning to play the guitar when he was 18-years old. After school, he played with a few Rock and Jazz bands and professes to have only learnt what House music was when he met Kgothatso at college – an encounter he says hooked him onto the genre instantly.

The members of Stones & Bones are fulltime musicians and producers who are single-mindedly focused on their craft. They have all the characteristics that are needed to form a super group and yet, they are pleasant individuals who understand how important music is for the listener, always having time to chat to a fan or fellow producer after a performance.
KG Bones: Lead Vox, keys, decks
CJ Stone: Sax, Lead Guitar, Backing Vox Stones & Bones have worked with the likes of:
Marissa Guzman; Mpumi (Busa Fame); Zano, Bob-Ezy; Djeff Afrozilla; Manoo, Abicah Soul; Lungelo (TS Records), Mque (City Rains), Trademark (Shumaya Fame