Based: Cape Town


The Toast is a collaboration of two artists who aren’t strangers to the music scene. Former frontman, Bheki Dladla and guitarist, Nathan Rudnick, of iScream and the Chocolate Stix have reunited to form the ultimate South African fusion. After spending two years in studio, the pair are about to release their much anticipated album.

The Toast released their first song, Smile on my Face in October 2017 and the song was quickly picked up by radio stations across South Africa and internationally. By November 2017, the song had been picked up by a radio stations in New Zealand, Kuwait, Japan and Germany, and the duo were interviewed live on the New Zealand station.


While they were still with iScream and the Chocolate Stix, Nathan and Bheki were nominated for, and won a SAMA in 2013 for best alternative album. The band opened for the likes of Lil Wayne and MC Hammer. They collaborated with Lonehill Estate and have played with South African greats like Ard Matthews, Locnville, Good Luck, Freshly Ground, Gangs of Ballet, Prime Circle, Jack Parow and aKING, to name a few.


Their music has been described as “art in its highest form” and their contribution to the industry has been unmatched. Their style is best described as “rap-rave” and has even inspired the name of one of the songs. The upcoming album will be a combination of high-energy, genre non-specific formulas, aimed at bringing reintroducing the pureness of various genres back into music.


Their name, The Toast was forged in true South African spirit and is essentially a “toast” to the other South African artists and brands.